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Our Services

G.O.D (Giving Others Dreams) is a training and healing center that aims to reduce gender-based violence, support gun violence survivors, and justice impacted individuals, with a particular focus on women. Our organization provides a safe and supportive space that promotes healing, and self- empowerment to help reduce recidivism rates for women  and to end gun violence in our communities.

 Immediate Mutual Aid: With our "We Win" emergency basic needs care packages. These packages assist returning citizens and domestic violence survivors in need during their first 30 days upon release or starting over. The packages include household cleaning items, hygiene products, and essential supplies, 14 interview-ready attire, 4 to 6 pair of shoes, purses, coat, etc.,

 Direct re-entry pathway training include: job readiness -basic computer literacy -soft skill training, resume writing  - job placement assistance -financial planning, - case management, free tattoo cover-ups or removal  tattoos, civic engagement -know your right workshops

Resilience strength training: we help clients develop goal-oriented, self-decision reintegration plans and entrepreneurship training, leadership and development training, civic engagement classes, including guidance on preparing for an expungement or sealing of records.  advocacy training through the art of storytelling.

Holistic support :  through our emotional and social wellness programs a healing-centered space that encourage wellness and the development of coping strategies through many therapeutic programs healing through art - painting-music --dancing - yoga- meditation-sound bowl healing and light therapy- journaling  -victim advocacy, 

Community building- Fantastic Family Fridays Game Nights" provides a vital sanctuary for youth aged 6 to 24. Within this nurturing haven, they embark on a journey of healing, developing essential coping skills, and cultivating a robust sense of community support. Through a range of emotional and social wellness initiatives, including engaging activities like art, music, dance, meditation, and family game nights, our program equips youth with the tools they need to navigate life's challenges. By fostering a safe and encouraging environment, we empower young individuals to grow, thrive, and confidently contribute to their own well-being and the well-being of their community.


Direct Connections: to our  community partners that provide other direct supportive services - counseling, -substance abuse treatment,- anger management classes, -DCF accredited parenting classes


We are guided by evidence-based studies that consistently prove the positive impact of  supportive intervention and prevention services . By protecting and investing in people, we not only improve their well-being but also contribute to the safety and security of our entire community. The key to saving humanity. 


Together, we can create a safer and more inclusive society where everyone has the opportunity to heal and thrive.We invite you to join us in our mission to promote public safety for all. 

 Learn more about our work , donate or volunteer @  visit our website

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