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We Win Packages:

"We Win"  Basic needs emergency care packages.

These are to support returning citizens for their first 30 to 60 days upon release. 

Several evidence based studies have proven time and time again that these types of supportive intervention and prevention services help create a successful pathway to re-entry. 


"When we radically show up for one another and invest in each other. "We Win " Together can reduce violence against women and children. Together we can empower healthier communities.

Together we can protect the next generation. Together we can reduce the recidivism rate for women. Together we can keep families together. Prevention is the key to saving humanity!


Every kind act, no matter how small, has a Ripple Effect. When hope and love is reinstalled in people it changes the world.

Supplies they receive are to meet basic needs, all items are listed below.

so besides the hygiene and cleaning items they receive  14- interview attire outfits including 6 pair of shoes, a coat, 2 purses and accessories.

Other items included:

  • Multi-pack Toothbrush

  • Toothpaste 1 (each) Family

  • Mouthwash 1 Bottle (16.9 fl. oz.)

  • Shampoo 1 (each) Family Size/

  • Conditioner 1 (each) Family Size/ Travel Size

  • Body Lotion 1 (each) Family Size/ Travel Size

  • Bath Body Wash 1 Bottle (20-21 fl. oz.)\B

  • Bath Loofah/Sponge 

  • Towel (Face/Hand )

  • Towel (Bath)

  • Hair Brush/Comb 1 (of each)

  • Tampons Multi-Pack

  • Sanitary Napkins/Pads Multi-Pack

  • Personal Hygiene Wipes 1 Pkg (50 wipes)

  • Shaving Cream 1 Can

  • Razors 1 Pkg Multi-Pack (

  • Deodorant 2 (total

  • Chapstick 2 (total)

  • Hand Sanitizer 1 (each) Family Size/ Travel Size

  • Face Mask 1 Box (50 Single Use Disposable)

  • Toilet Tissue Paper 2 Pkg (Family Pack -24 Rolls)

  • Advil (Pain Reliever) 1 (each) Standard/Travel Size

  • Tylenol (Pain Reliever) 1 (each) Standard/Travel Size

  • Laundry (Liquid) Detergent 1 (each) 50 fl. oz. family size

  • Laundry Basket Sterlite 2 Bushel Capacity

  • Laundry Dryer Sheets 1 Pkg (large)

  • Bleach (Liquid) 1 Bottle

  • Dishwashing (Liquid) Soap 1 Bottle

  • Dishwashing Sponge 1 (each) Multi-Pack 

  • Trash Can 1.2 Gallon

  • Trash Bags 1-Box

  • Stationary Supplies Includes Notebook, Pens/Pencils,

  • 14 interview ready attire, shoes and accesories.

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