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As justice impacted female survivors ourselves, the amalgam of firsthand experiences and relational empathy abilities provides us with the transcendent hindsight into the consolidated efforts essential in the development of an woman's full potential. Also, we very much intend to continue in our demand to clear inequities, safeguard a diversity of voices in every level of community making, and persistent engagement to unearth unconscious bias and cast light on ongoing harm. Let us all together march towards a future, where men and women are equal, none is superior, none is inferior; just equal.


Love & Hopefulness & Encouragement - to experience and show love in its fullness, cherish the ability to give hope to someone and build up their confidence, and pride them with the optimism to break cycles of destruction and  stop generational harm.

Health & Happiness & Mindfulness  - to recognize the value of self-care for your well-being needed to command the experience and sharing of joy, satisfaction and contentment, intention and gratitude that intensifies the value of living in the present moment and enjoy all the great things in it.

Security & Stability & Encouragement - to be fairly provided equal protective factors encouraging positive personal, familial, professional and sustainable development that satisfies "the need to feel that each step will meet solid, level ground'. 

Empathy & Spirituality & Cooperation - to know the power spirituality and it's ability to connect via experiences, emotions, and environments and manifest meangiful goal oriented collaborations in communal teamwork.

Dignity & Respect & Trust - to have honor in taking responsibility for your actions and their consequences and give treatment in a ways that show respect in the hope that you are given the same.



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